car won't start

Your car doesn’t start! Now what? The good thing is when a vehicle does not start, there are only a handful of reasons why.

The battery is the most common cause if your car won’t start. Another more common cause is the battery cables not being tight or they are corroded. This is an easy thing to check just by wiggling them. If they move, then they are too loose. Also look for white or blue powdery buildup on the connections. This is an indication that the cables are corroded.

If your car will not turn over then there are several things to check. Step one, check your battery. Your battery can be load tested for free at a variety of auto parts stores and is quite reliable in determining the health of your battery. If you are unable to take your battery to get load tested, there are a few ways to check at home. Try using a volt-meter or multimeter to check the voltage of your battery. A fully charged standard car battery should have a minimum of 12.4 volts for it to be considered healthy.

The next most common cause of your car not starting is… the starter. Many times when the starter begins going out you will hear clicking noises from your engine compartment and sometimes it will take more than one try to get your car to start. If your battery is unhealthy it can cause these same symptoms as well so be sure to check your battery first.

Maybe your car turns over, but doesn’t start. This is where you will need the help of L & T Auto Repair to diagnose where the problem is. This could be a faulty sensor, poor fuel pressure, or a miscellaneous ignition problem.

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