Dangers Of Driving With Little To No Oil

You know that oil is important for your car and that you need to get it changed regularly, but just how bad is it to drive around with a low oil level? The truth is that sufficient, clean oil is vital to your car’s engine.

To eat in your car or not to eat in your car?

We utilize our cars to get to work, to school, etc., so it only makes sense that from time to time we may eat in our car. Some food options are more challenging than others. Whether it be hamburgers, tacos, or sub sandwiches there is an art to mastering eating while driving. For safety reasons, […]

Six steps for a “greener” vehicle

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle you’re driving is new or old, big or small. There are preventive maintenance steps every vehicle owner can take to make sure their car is as “green” or environmentally friendly as possible.